Hi! My name is Cedric Hohnstadt. I own an illustration studio where I specialize in designing appealing characters and products. My clients tell me I'm reliable, professional, and bring fresh ideas to the table. Find out how I can help you...

Fat Joe

Character design of Fat Joe from the play “The Long Voyage Home”. To sharpen my skills I took a character design course from award-winning character designer Stephen Silver at Schoolism.com. This was my final project.

Skinny Rabbits

Character designs for a self-help book, Chasing Skinny Rabbits, by Dr. John Trent.

Copyright © Strong Families

‘Little Einsteins’ Symphony

Concept for an educational music toy. Place each figurine on the stage and a magnet trigger causes the instrument to play.

Copyright © Disney
Client: Peter Green Design

‘Winnie the Pooh’ Kaleidoscope

Concept for an educational kaleidoscope toy.

Copyright © Disney
Client: Peter Green Design


Personal project: An illustration created as part of a retirement gift.

Preschool Puzzle Illustrations

A few samples from a series of illustrations to be used on preschool-age puzzles.

Client: Patch Products

Best Buy Marker Comp

Color marker comp for Best Buy pitch to celebrate the opening of Target field for the Minnesota Twins. The concept was to have the Best Buy logo flip over and reveal a playful view of the Minneapolis skyline with a clear emphasis on Target Field.

Client: Olson-Denali Advertising

Marker Comp for “Bags On Board”

I was asked to sketch up a person dressed as the Bags On Board mascot distributing fliers outside a pet store.

Client: The Bramton Company (via Launch Agency)


Illustration for the home page of an interactive children’s website.

Copyright © Great River Energy
Client: Great River Energy

(via Olson-Denali Advertising)

Mascot for Goldfish Swim School

The Goldfish Swim School chain approached me looking for a new mascot for use in company branding and merchandising. Here are a few of the early concept sketches and the final design.

Copyright © Goldfish Swim School

Dancing Bear

A sample from my sketchbook of a happy bear getting his groove on. If you’d like to purchase the rights to use this image please contact me.

Copyright © Cedric Hohnstadt

Coke Zero Event Marketing Pitch

Concept sketch for an “experience marketing” pitch to Coca-Cola to promote Coke Zero.

Client: CPC Intersect

Madagascar 3

Figurine cake topper of Alex from ‘Madagascar 3′.

Copyright © DreamWorks
Client: DecoPac, Inc.

VeggieTales Costume

Costume design for the VeggieTales DVD “God Loves You Very Much”. View more concepts for the project here.

Copyright © Big Idea.
All rights reserved.

Snail Projector Toy

Toy design for a snail slide projector. View more sketches from this project here.

Copyright © Quois Corporation.
All rights reserved.

FPO Comp Art for Green Giant Event

Concept art used to pitch a promotional event for a new line of Green Giant potato chips. View more sketches from this project here.

Client: CPC Intersect

“Cut The Rope” Toy Design

Novelty cake topper for the popular game “Cut The Rope”. Copyright © ZeptoLab UK Ltd. and DecpPac, Inc.

Client: DecoPac, Inc.

“Cars” Cake Concept

Novelty cake concept for the Disney/Pixar “Cars” franchise. Copyright © Disney and DecpPac, Inc.

Client: DecoPac, Inc.

Cocoa Puffs Cereal

Back-of-the-box packaging illustration for Cocoa Puffs cereal. Art direction by Ultra Creative. Copyright © General Mills.

Client: Ultra Creative/General Mills

Monster Cereals

Back-of-the-box packaging illustration for the General Mills monster cereals. Art direction by Ultra Creative. Copyright © General Mills.

Client: Ultra Creative/General Mills

Gogurt Slurp-N-Scare

Wrap-around packaging illustrations for Gogurt. Art direction by Ultra Creative. Copyright © General Mills.

Client: Ultra Creative/General Mills

Mobile Messaging Stickers

Samples from a series of over 60 mobile messaging stickers. Some inking and coloring by illustrators Justin Dial and Paul Agner. Copyright © General Mills.

Client: Tourean Design

End of the Rainbow

Sketchbook exercise. I started with a doodle and took it all the way to finish. Copyright © Cedric Hohnstadt.

Culligan Comic Strip Ads

Web and print ads for Culligan, illustrating copy written by client.

Client: StarTribune/Culligan