Last Chance To Order “Pose Drawing Sparkbook”

The Pose Drawing Sparkbook is almost out of print! After a successful Kickstarter campaign hundreds of copies were printed and now I’m down to my final box of books. If you still want a copy you can place an order on my online store:

If you are wondering if more copies will be printed, I’m afraid that, for now at least, the answer is no. Although the Sparkbook has been very well-received, like any other book sales have gradually slowed to a trickle, and most of the orders I now get are for the digital ebook version (which will still be available in my website store). Also, the economics of book publishing are such that to do another print run I’d have to order hundreds of additional copies. At the current rate it would take at least a couple of years before I’d sell enough to earn back my printing costs, if ever. Since most people seem to prefer the ebook anyway, for now that will be the only option once these are gone.

So, if you want to own a physical copy of the Pose Drawing Sparkbook grab one while you can.

“Pricing Game” For Illustrators


I’ve been a member of the Graphic Artists Guild for a couple of years now. They frequently host webinars on various topics related to business and art. The webinars are open to everyone for a fee unless you’re a member. Then they’re free. That alone makes a membership worth the cost. To give you an idea, here’s a list of past webinars.

On July 30, 2014 the Guild will be hosting a webinar/workshop for illustrators called “The Pricing Game”. Four experienced illustrators will each share an example of a real-world project, give you a chance to quote your own price, and then tell you what they actually charged and discuss some of the how’s and why’s of pricing your work. Here’s the official description from the Graphic Artists Guild website:

Do you feel like  you’re rolling the dice every time you bid on a new illustration project? This workshop is designed to help you learn what other working illustrators are charging, and how you can defend your pricing decisions. We will be presenting a project from each of four experienced illustrators, showing a range of project types. And we’re following up the Pricing Game with a discussion with our illustrators on how they estimate on new assignments, manage their client’s expectations, and follow through to successfully close a project.

The four pro illustrators are Marty Blake, Mark Monlux, Ed Shems, and myself.

Register or get more info here.


Spot Illustration for Highlights Magazine


The August 2014 issue of Highlights For Children just came in the mail. On page 38 is a spot illustration I did for an ongoing series called “Your Best Self”. Here’s the original art before the word balloons or captions were added.

This and That 7/5/14

I’ve been plenty busy getting ready for our upcoming move to a bigger house while also working on several client projects that have to stay under wraps. In the mean time, here’s a few interesting links and tidbits from around the ol’ interwebs:

Sportscaster Illo for Highlights Magazine

Sportscaster Seal for Highlights Magazine

The July 2014 issue of Highlights Magazine just arrived in my mailbox. On page 15 is this spot illustration I did for a math segment called “What’s The Score?”  The client wanted a seal posed as an excited sportscaster with some fictional team logos on the screen behind him. The empty area in the lower left was intentionally left blank to allow for placement of a word balloon.

I have fond memories of reading Highlights at the dentist’s office when I was a kid. It’s an honor to now have my work popping up inside. I’ve done a couple of more illustrations for them since that will be appearing in future issues.