Display Illustrations for Hasbro Little Big Bites

Hasbro just released a new line of toys called Little Big Bites and they hired me to illustrate the retail display and packaging inserts. They are really cute little collectibles and it was a ton of fun to work on. YouTube videos don’t display properly on my website so I’ll just give you a text link to a fifteen-second commercial to help show how they work.

Here’s some of the artwork I did for the retail display:

I also did some illustrations for the paper inserts that come with each toy, including instructional diagrams and the “collect them all” artwork:

Little Big Bites are currently available at Target, Walmart, Amazon, and several other retailers. Last night I visited a nearby Target and snapped some pics:

It’s always a delight to see my work on display. It was a super fun project and I’m grateful to Hasbro for the opportunity. You can find the toys at big box retailers or order from Amazon.

Goldfish Bath Tub Toys

One of my clients is Goldfish Swim School. Several years ago I designed a mascot for them, a goldfish named Bubbles. Since then I’ve drawn Bubbles in various costumes to celebrate many different themes (St. Patrick’s Day, Camping, Winter, etc.) The art has been used as stickers, tattoos, and coloring book pages.

Then the folks at Goldfish asked if I could help turn those themed drawings into a line of bath tub toys. I did turnaround views of twelve costumes. A few of the final toys are pictured above. Here’s a few samples of the sketches I submitted:

Warm Christmas Wishes!

In between client projects I draw silly cartoons. I post them as a webcomic called Sketchbook Silliness. Click on over and browse the archive.

If you support my cartoons on Patreon you can see an earlier version of this illustration with a different twist on this gag. You’ll also get lots of other goodies like early access, rough sketches, links, downloads, drawing tips, writing tips, recommended resources, AMA’s, and more!

Either way, I want to thank you for your interest in my work. May your Christmas season be filled with friendship, laughter, and peace.

Children’s Book: The Fish Who Wouldn’t Swim

One of my regular clients is Goldfish Swim Schools. Several years ago I designed a mascot for them, Bubbles the Goldfish. Earlier this year they asked me to write and illustrate a board book featuring Bubbles that they could sell in their retail locations. They wanted a story that would both encourage kids to swim also promote the school. This project was a couple of “firsts” for me:

1. While I’ve illustrated books in the past, this was the first time I was also the author.

2. This was also my first time doing the bulk of a client project on a tablet. The sketches and final art were all done on an iPad Pro using Procreate. I only had to use Photoshop to lay out the text and do some final touch-ups.

I’m told the book is only available at their physical locations and can’t be ordered online, but the client has given me permission to show a few pages:

Animal Character Designs

Dr. John Trent is a best-selling author who runs a Christian ministry called Strong Families. On their website they offer a free personality test, the results of which sort people into four broad personality type. Each one is represented by a different animal (Otters, Lions, Golden Retrievers, and Beavers). Different versions of the animals have been used in the past, including classy black-and-white line art versions for their website and illustrated versions for a children’s book called The Treasure Tree. I was hired by Strong Families to design an updated cartoon versions of each of the four animals.