I’ve Been Interviewed by Todd Hampson


My friend and animator Todd Hampson runs the animation studio Timbuktoons and  has a website and blog designed to help artist thrive in their business. He just posted an interview with yours truly with questions about balancing work, business, and life as an artist.

Todd also recently published his first ebook, “Calling All Artists: Why There’s Never Been A Better Time To Be A Creative”. I’m in the middle of moving into our new house so I haven’t had much time to read it yet but what I have read so far I’ve really liked. Check it out.

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge-Cedric Hohnstadt 2014

My friend Troy Wetzel challenged me to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Instead of soaking myself in water I decided to make a fun little sketch and turn it into a drawing video.

I also think it’s important to give money to help those fighting ALS so I’m making a donation. I am pro-life which creates a bit of an ethical dilemma for me. Obviously it’s important that researchers work as hard as they can to find a cure, but some people are reporting that most of the major organizations that fight ALS also use embryonic stem cells in their research. In other words, an embryo is killed in order to do the research. We all started out as embryos so for me that’s kind of a problem. So, I’ve decided to make my donation to Team Gleason, an organization started by NFL player and ALS patient Steve Gleason to help make life better for those currently battling the disease.

Anyway, here’s my sketch video:

Art for Mobile Messaging Stickers

Social Media Stickers

(Click image to enlarge.)

Recently I was hired by Tourean Design to illustrate a series of mobile messaging stickers for use in an upcoming project. There are four sets of 16 stickers each:

  • A series of animals who look bored/unimpressed;
  • A “hungry hippo” eating food in various settings;
  • An expressive baby;
  • A cute little puppy.


A few samples are shown above. There were over 60 stickers in total so I brought in some help. Illustrators Justin Dial and Paul Agner inked and colored some of my sketches and they did a fantastic job.

Once the project is finished and the stickers are available I’ll be sure to let you know where you can find them online.


Aardvarks and Frogs

Recently I was hired by VeggieTales creator Phil Vischer to help develop some characters for a fun new project he is working on. I can’t say much about it yet, but he has given me permission to post just a few of the dozens of concept sketches I did for the characters he’s been developing.  I can tell you one is an aardvark and one is a frog, and they like to sit around and drink coffee. That’s all I can reveal for now. Stay tuned!

Aardvark and Frog-Early Concepts

Crayola Skyscraper Art

A few months ago I was hired by Crayola to create an illustration showing some of their marker characters interacting with the Empire State Building. The artwork was used as a coloring page on the back of some packaging. Unfortunately it is only being sold in one store, the Toys-R-Us in Times Square. New Yorkers have all the fun!