“All children draw. I just never stopped.” —Al Hirschfeld

When I was a teenager a New York illustrator moved to our sleepy Minnesota town. My art teacher set up a tour of his home studio. For the first time I realized it was possible to make a living drawing pictures from home. I was hooked.

I started doing some freelance work while I was still in college and I’ve been self-employed ever since. I’ve worked hard to build a reputation for being professional, reliable, and easy to work with.

I’ve worked on hundreds of client projects both as an artist and as a project manager supervising other artists. I’ve helped design toys for Disney and Hasbro; illustrated packaging for Cocoa Puffs, Gogurt, and Orville Redenbacher; created advertising comps for Coca-Cola, Target, and Best Buy; supervised animation of Mr. Potato Head for the Hasbro website; and designed characters for VeggieTales.

In 2006 I illustrated a cartoon Gospel tract for the ministry of Living Waters. To date almost nine million copies have been printed in over twenty languages.

I’m married to an amazing wife (Jennie) and have three lovely daughters (Anna, Grace, and Kaitlyn). We live near Minneapolis where the cold weather gives us an excuse to drink hot chocolate practically year-round.


I’ve worked on hundreds of projects, either directly or through various agencies, studios, and design firms. Some of the agencies and marketing firms I’ve worked through include OLSON, Knock, Ultra Creative, Catapult Marketing, BI Worldwide, Compass Design, Idea Planet, and CPC Intersect.


“Cedric is uber-talented, a total professional… I feel like I have a secret weapon in Cedric”

Rene Norton
Creative Director, BI Worldwide

“Cedric consistently ‘over-delivered’, constantly surprising us with his creativity and draftsmanship. We will work with him again and again.”

Tom Bancroft
Former Disney Animator, Illustrator, and Author

“Cedric always comes up with the most fun and pleasing designs. He is always on time and brings a lot of expert experience to the table. He is always thinking of ways to give a little extra, too, while staying in the budget confines of the project.”

Tim Hodge
Executive Producer, Big Idea

“I am beyond impressed with his talent level. Cedric brings fresh perspectives and out-of-the-box thinking. A true collaborator.”

Randall Herrera
Creative Director, OLSON

“Cedric’s work is delightful and varied—not to mention wonderful. I mention his capabilities often and expect a long and fruitful relationship.”

Patricia Jones

“Cedric is one of those rare artists that you hope to find and want to keep at the top of your list for future projects!”

Rob Corley
Funny Pages Productions

“I really enjoyed working with Cedric. He is a complete professional and extraordinarily gifted. I will not hesitate to recommend him for future work on our projects.”

Donna Turner
National Geographic School Publishing